Patti Fraser, ph.d.


Patti Fraser uses story and narrative as a method of inquiry in her community engaged art practice and writing. She is an educator,  writer, performer, and artist who has been working with communities for over thirty years. She understands the power of art when it directs its lens towards issues that are vitally affecting the lives people.  This lens has the power to disrupt the impenetrable veils that sees a crises in stereotypical terms.  Patti uses her expertise to work with people to tell help them tell their stories in ways that allow others to understand. She sees our stories as vehicles that can take us into greater awareness of our being in a shared world.

Allowing the world to speak through through our stories  fosters a willingness to conserve and protect it. We are, through this process, challenging the human condition of remoteness. We shake up the delusion of the self. Shake up thinking that we are alone with ourselves instead of being constantly accompanied by a world that has the capacity to show a revelatory presence. When we observe, we change. We let the world speak through us and in the doing become human.

        ~ excerpt from  Postcards to the Beloved, Patti Fraser, 2012~

contact:  Patti Fraser at


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