circle-12.jpg“Does the human become human in the act of letting the world speak through her or him?” 

~ William Pinar, 2006~

Patti Fraser is a writer, documentary producer, and theatre practitioner whose community engaged practice has crossed a variety of mediums in her career. Patti’s work has been primarily devoted to working with ‘story’ and community  on diverse issues such as HIV/AIDS, racism & violence, health, and community activism.  She was a student of the late theatre master Augusto Boal and worked with Headlines Theatre in the 19880’s. A number of her collaborations in original theatre  have been nominated for Vancouver Jesse Awards.

She co-created with Wyckham Porteous six nationally produced CBC radio dramas that have since been coined as ‘performative documentaries’.  She is a founding member of Leaky Heaven Circus and founding member of the nationally recognized Summer Visions Film Institute for Youth.

Her main passion throughout her career has been working with communities to tell their stories. This work has been recognized in a diversity of fields including the Chee Mahmuk Aboriginal Education Centre with the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, the Canadian Council for Refugees, and the Canada Council for the Arts.  In the 1990’s Patti’s grass root activism and popular theatre skills were transferred to the realm of media arts and youth produced film production.  Since that time she has produced or story mentored hundreds of community produced digital video projects.   Patti clearly understands the relationship between community engagement and arts practice. In 2008 she conceived and created in collaboration with Corin Browne, the Digital Shrine, for Mountainview Cemetery’s Night for All Souls.

Patti was awarded a Social Science and Humanities Research Council Scholarship for a progam of research on narrative and community engaged art. She  holds a doctorate from the University of British Columbia. She has been an artist in residence and research consultant on a number of research projects associated with social justice, creativity, and health. Currently she is the co-Artistic Director of the Housing Matters Media Project with long time collaborator Corin Browne.

Contact: Patti Fraser at


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