“Does the human become human in the act of letting the world speak through her or him?”  (William Pinar, 2006)

Patti Fraser works with community and narrative as a media artist, writer, and performer.  She sees her thirty years of community engaged arts practice as an engagement with community and story.  Stories from our lives can  form the basis of a collective inquiry into issues that are vitally important to us.  She seeks to serve people by engaging  practice with story as a method  of working together to create a greater awareness of our shared world.

Allowing the world to speak through through our stories  fosters a willingness to conserve and protect it. We are, through this process, challenging the human condition of remoteness. We shake up the delusion of the self. Shake up thinking that we are alone with ourselves instead of being constantly accompanied by a world that has the capacity to show a revelatory presence. When we observe, we change. We let the world speak through us and in the doing become human.

We see the face carved in the rock with her eyes wide open.  

A message from the revelatory appearing world to us.                                                      

A postcard from the Beloved. ~ (Postcards to the Beloved  – Patti Fraser (2012)