Community Engaged Media Projects


Housing Matters Media Project

In the fall of 2012 the Housing Matters Media Project invited ten young emerging media artists to work in a community engaged art project.  This project explored within a community context issues relevant to the housing crises and its possible solutions. The aims of this project were twofold. To produce a series of narratives that provoke and invite the public into deepening their understanding of the dimensions of the housing crises on youth and to inform and engage young media artists on issues related to housing justice. The young artists worked with senior media artists and mentors in a two-week studio residency out of which a series of short films were produced. This project is partnered with the University of British Columbia’s Housing Justice Project a three-year research project which seeks to develop greater awareness of effective models for the provision of affordable housing.


2013 – Judy Graves, Advocate for the Homeless, City Hall – written and directed produced for Point Blank Creative, Vancouver, B.C.

2011-2012 – Housing Matters Media Project

2010 – Finding Home – Youth media production and media installation project with young women from Vancouver’s downtown eastside in Dreamseeds / Purple Thistle program. Produced for Simon Fraser University’s Institute of the Humanities, Cosmopolis/Cosmopolitics Conference May, 2010

shrine02 copy

2008/ 2009 / 2010- The Digital Shrine Project; co-created with Corin Browne including media produced from the Arts, Health, and Seniors Digital Storytelling Project. This outdoor media installation was created for ‘ A Night for All Souls’


2007/2008/2009/2010 – The Seniors Digital Storytelling Project, co-created with older adults from the Silver Harbour Seniors Centre, co-produced with Corin Browne, part of  The Arts, Health, and Seniors Project. See Youtube: silverharbourstories

2009 – An Inquiry into Creativity and Health with Older Adults, co-created with older adults in the Arts Health and Seniors Project and Corin Browne. Produced by Canadian Public Heath Agency.

2007 – The Shadows Project – *story and editing consultant – produced by Cease Weiss and Savannah Walling, documentary on the Vancouver Moving Theatre’s Shadow Project, a community theatre performance on addictions.

2005 Dear Baby, digital letters created with young mothers, co-produced with Corin Browne, sponsored by Boundary Health Unit and Renfrew Community Centre, Vancouver, B.C.

*Screened at Youth Week and MuchMusic

2004 What is TB? (not TV) documentary video was filmed in the communities of Gitanmaax, Kispiox, and K’san Village, designed to be a participatory media education project with the children of John Field Elementary to teach other children about TB.

co-produced B.C. Centre for Disease Control and Pacific Cinematheque.

*Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation citation for Leading Practices in Tuberculosis Control.

2004 Antonio’s Story, Documentary was created in collaboration with Britannia Secondary School, Vancouver, B.C. Features Antonio Joao, a refugee from Angola.

Study guide available through BCTF lesson aids.  Co-produced Britannia Secondary and Pacific Cinematheque

*recommended by Canadian Council for Refugees & B.C. Ministry of Education.

2003 Means of Production, Documentary created in collaboration with Environmental Youth Alliance and environmental artist Oliver Kelhammer on community gardens in Vancouver, B.C.

co-produced Vancouver Parks Board Arts and Culture and Pacific Cinematheque

2002 Chako, Video documentary explores through traditional and contemporary ‘Coming of Age’ teachings and traditions the connection between culture and health for First Nations youth. Vancouver, B.C.

co-produced Chee Mamuk Aboriginal Education BCCD and Pacific Cinematheque

2002, Strengthening the Circle – mentor and producer for  youth produced video for First Nations youth on Harm Reduction.

co-produced Chee Mamuk Aboriginal Education BCCD and Pacific Cinematheque

2001, Dear Dad, youth media project with Youthco Aids Society.

co-produced World Aids Group, Youthco Aids Society, and Pacific Cinematheque.


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