clayquotWritten & Produced

 Fraser, P. (2012). Vampire and Oil Spills. In Chambers, C. Hasebe-Ludt, E., Leggo, C., & Sinner, A., (Eds.), A Heart of Wisdom: Life writing as empathetic inquiry in series Complicated Conversations. New York: Peter Lang Publishers 

Fraser, P. (2009). Remembering Augusto. In Salverson, J. (Ed.), Popular Political Theatre and Performance. in series Critical Perspectives on Canadian Theatre in English. Toronto: Playwrights Canada Press.

Fraser P. (2009). In the Field. In McLean, C. (Ed.) Inquiries for Hope and Change. Calgary: Temeron Books.

Fraser P & Browne, C.  (2009) Documentary “ Peer Inquiry into Relationships between Creativity and Health and WellBeing” with older adults in the Arts Health and Seniors Project produced by the Canadian Public Health Agency.

Fraser P. & Arntzen J. (2006) Imagologies? A Readers’ Response to Taylor and Saarinen. Educational Insights 10 (2), University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

Fraser P. (2006) Youth and Adult Media Collaboration, SSHRC funded research project under the direction of Dr. M. Stack, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

Fraser P. (2004) What is TB (not TV?) co-producer British Columbia Centre for Disease Control & Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver, B.C.

*Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation citation for Leading Practices in Tuberculosis Control.

Fraser P. 2004) Antonio’s Story. co-produced British Columbia Teacher’s Federation & Pacific Cinematheque. Vancouver, B.C.

*recommended by  Canadian Council for Refugees

Fraser P. & Dare V. (2004) Antonio’s Story. Study Guide, BCTF Lesson Aids, Vancouver, B.C.

*recommended by the British Columbia Ministry of Education

Fraser P. (2003) Means of Production  co-produced Vancouver Parks Board (Arts and Culture) and Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver, B.C.

Fraser P, (2003). The River, Urban Coyote, New Territory, Lost Moose: Whitehorse, Yukon

Fraser, P. (2002) Chako, co-produced Chee Mamuk Aboriginal Education BCCD and Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver, B.C.

Fraser, P. (2002), Losar, Bodhi 5(4), Nalandabodhi, Seattle, WA, USA

Fraser, P. (2001). the territory. Crank Magazine 1, Love and Rage Soc., Vancouver , B.C.

Fraser P. & Salverson J. (2001) Boom. Canadian Theatre Review 106, spring 2001, University of Guelph, Guelph Ontario.

Fraser P. (Dir) (2001) Dear Dad, co-produced Youthco Aids Society & Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver, B.C.

Fraser P. & Salverson, J. (2000) Boom, International Plays for Young Audiences II, Roger Ellis Ed.,  Meriwether Publishing/Contemporary Drama Service; Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Fraser P. (1994), The Equinox, September 24, 1993, Witness to Wilderness. Breen-Needham, Duncan, Ferens, Reeve, Yates (Ed.) Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver, B.C.



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